HOW IT WORKS: The Sole Room LLC provides 80/20% consignment services. Thats 80% of the final sale straight to your pockets! Unlike other consignment services which normally offer a 80/20% split between you and them but keep everything, 5% of the companies take goes directly to our philanthropic mission of providing 3D printed shoes for kids without any around the world. All while you get PAID! Let's get selling

  1. Email pictures (6) of shoes: front, sides (both), back, top, and bottom to TheSoleRoomLLC@Gmail.com
  2. After receiving a conformation approval from us, directions to ship to The Sole Room LLC will be provided
  3. Shoes are then verified using our Sole Check system before posting to the market. IF SHOES ARE DEEMED TO BE FAKE BY SOLE ROOM STAFF, SHOES WILL NOT BE POSTED AND YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR RETURN SHIPPING EXPENSES.  
  4. Shoes are listed on the market immediately after being verified 
  5. Once sold, seller will be notified via preference provided 
  6. Money will then be released via preference provided